Become a Pro Trader with Xm Trading Academy

In the race to end poverty…

Become a Pro Trader with Xm Trading Academy

In the race to end poverty…

Complete Trading Masterclass

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Why Choose XM Trading Academy?

Our mentorship program is designed to provide traders with personalized guidance, resources and best support in taking account their trading skill level and goals.

Expert Guidance

Gain access to experienced traders and instructors who can provide valuable insights and mentorship to help you navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency trading.

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Comprehensive Education

XM Trading academy offers a wide range of educational resources, including video tutorials, articles, and webinars, ensuring you have a solid foundation in crypto trading strategies and techniques.

Active Trading Community

Explore our vibrant trading community of Over 60,000 Traders where you can network, share ideas, and stay updated on the latest market trends, fostering a supportive and knowledgeable environment.

coaching sessions

Access personalized coaching sessions where you can address your specific trading challenges and receive tailored guidance to improve your skills.

Unlocking Crypto Profits

Delve into the world of Technical analysis with this comprehensive trading guide. This book equips both novice and seasoned traders with the essential tools to make informed investment decisions in any market environment.


Learn to trade Crypto
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Unlocking Your Trading Potential

Train with the best


Get access to all of the benefits mentioned below…

Physical Academy
$ 300 One Term Fee
Virtual Academy
$ 300 One term fee

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